My interests lie within every aspect of the human animal both the biological and psychological reactions human beings produce fascinates me.

Whether it is a virus that invades our body through the bite of an animal and then pulls itself up along a nerve to the brain to wreak havoc on the body, or a brain that develops sociopathic disorder I am intrigued.

Gazing into a microscope can give you insight into an unknown world just as looking into the behaviors of a society can help one decipher and analyze human existence.

When I make a painting I am employing a vehicle in which I can communicate and record history. Whether it is to document the pandemics of the twenty first century luring my viewer to the beauty of a deadly virus to heed a warning or a narrative painting that gives access to human behavior and exposes dangerous trends, I hope to make a connection on multiple levels, such as visual, emotional, spiritual and intellectual with the viewer.

In studying neuroaesthetics I have found that the use of bright colors, patterns, and or caricatures stimulate the fusiform gyrus in the humanbrain that acts as a superstimulus attracting the viewer to my work. This visual hyperbole gives access to the viewer to become engaged in more serious debate about modern society and the human condition.

I enjoy the sensuous nature of oil paint and the excitement of paint handling. Creating a painting is a powerful communication tool.